Backlink topic analysis

You can use this free backlink tool on its own. In addition, if you are already using some of the awesome link analysis tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SemRush, etc., this paid web crawling service can speed up URL filtering. Light plan can import 10,000 URLs at a time, while higher plans can import 100,000 URLs at a time.

If you want to move away from filtering links based on topical phrases in their anchor texts or titles, as there are many many relevant phrases for each topic, or if you want to save time spent manually inspecting all the links in relevant categories, this tool provides great feature for further relevance filtering.

Niche SEO

Two step filtering:

    • either a) provide URL examples to our topical crawler
    • or b) use Quick SEO tool to create a topic from a phrase instead from example URLs
    • either a) specify URL candidates from other tools as seeds with seeds_only option set
    • or b) let it crawl the web starting from top Google results retrieved by an API

Crawler will match all links against the topic defined by you. Simply download the resulting topic_pages CSV file and it will contain only relevant URLs with other useful statistics, like the number of relevant outgoing links to different domains, indicating a link building opportunity. Alghoritm tries to detect outgoing links in main content, while ignoring irrelevant sections of a web page such as footer, sidebar, ads, etc.

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