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part 39 transportation for individuals with disabilities passenger vessels
part 27 nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in programs or activities receiving federal financial
part 38 accessibility specifications for transportation vehicles
part 37 transportation services for individuals with disabilities
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business concern
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7 cfr 4287 b
49 cfr part 26 participation by disadvantaged business enterprises
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Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located on the second level of the mall, inside the entrance with green vines painted on the exterior.
Q: What business support organizations are located at the center?
A: The National Entrepreneur Center has a variety of resource partners to help entrepreneurs in all stages of business.
Q: What are the alternatives in financing a business?
A: The best source of financing for your business is your own money. Other sources of financing include banks, venture capital firms, and life insurance companies.
Q: What are tenders?
A: Tenders are a type of post that allows you to announce business opportunities and deals. By putting something out to tender you’re asking others to make their best offers i.e. bid. Tenders are always public, which means everyone on the platform can see them.


Q: How do I start a business?
A: 1. Come to the center and talk to our staff.

2. View the Business Toolbox.
Q: Where do I obtain an application for an SBA loan?
A: version: The SBA does not directly lend money to small businesses. The SBA provides a government-backed guarantee on certain loans made by approved lenders to small businesses, which reduces the risk the lender faces when lending money to a small business.

The SBA does not make direct loans to small businesses. Rather, the SBA guarantees loans made by approved lenders, such as banks, community development organizations, and microlending institutions. The guarantee protects the lender against loss if the borrower defaults
Q: How do I apply for an SBA Loan?
A: Your best bet is to give away merchandise for free. A potential customer or group of customers who receive the free merchandise from you are likely to head to your online store and purchase items at full price.

If you have the right touch, this business can be a goldmine, and pretty much work itself. Offer to manage other Facebook pages of small business owners and advertise their products and services for pay.

If you’re a fitness buff and have the right combination of charisma


Q: Who pays it?
A: The filing thresholds for business enterprise tax have been $250k for several years, but it was $100k before that.

The filing thresholds for business enterprise tax have been $250k for several years, but it was $100k before that.

The business enterprise tax is a tax on the gross receipts of businesses in New York City. Businesses with gross receipts of $100,000 or more are required to file the tax.

The tax was first imposed in
Q: What makes the National Entrepreneur Center different?
A: The National Entrepreneur Center is a one-stop shop for businesses in Florida, offering resources and support for businesses at any stage of development.
Q: Who can use the National Entrepreneur Center?
A: The National Entrepreneur Center is a resource for entrepreneurs of all levels. We provide services at our Orlando facility, and we have partnering organizations throughout Florida. Our web-based resources are available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Q: How can the National Entrepreneur Center help my business?
A: the National Entrepreneur Center is a great resource for business owners who need help with their business plans or exit strategies.


Q: What is FAQ software?
A: A knowledge base software is a tool that helps you create, organize, manage, and publish self-service content.
Q: What makes a great FAQ page?
A: Make sure your FAQ software is easy to use and provides a clear and concise user experience.
Q: What is a microbusiness preference?
A: The microbusiness preference is not part of the Supplier Diversity/Set-Aside Program, but companies with gross revenues of less than $3,000,000 are considered to be microbusinesses. There is no certification for a microbusiness, but the Contracting Agency may give a 10% price preference to microbusinesses when evaluating bid responses and a 15% price preference to veteran-owned microbusinesses certified by the Connecticut Department of Veteran’s affairs.


Q: How does VTrans establish goals for DBE participation?
A: There is no guarantee that a certified DBE will receive contracts or subcontracts, but certification does increase exposure to prime contractors, government agencies, and the business community. For information on upcoming contracting opportunities, suggested websites include the Vermont Agency of Transportation and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Vermont's Prompt Pay Statute requires payment from prime contractors to subcontractors be made within 7 days of the prime contractor receiving payment.
Q: How is Edge for Business differentiated from regular Microsoft Edge?
A: Microsoft Edge for Business is a dedicated work browsing experience. It’s distinguished through visual elements such as an adjusted icon and other minor visual cues.
Q: What benefit does Microsoft Edge for Business provide?
A: Microsoft Edge for Business is automatically triggered by signing in with a Microsoft Entra ID and offers the opportunity to streamline down to one browser for all use cases with security and privacy benefits.


Q: What will the user experience be when Edge for Business becomes available?
A: In the stable version of Edge, you should now be able to enable the new tab page by opening the settings menu and selecting "Customize."
Q: What impact will the change to Edge for Business have on users?
A: Users who are only signed in with a Microsoft Entra ID will be transitioned to Edge for Business.
Users who are signed in with both a Microsoft Entra ID and a Microsoft Account (MSA) may experience automatic switching between their work and personal browser windows.
Q: What impact will this cause to my default browser settings?
A: Edge for Business is a separate browser from Edge, and data is not shared between the two browsers.
Q: What controls will IT admins have?
A: Edge for Business is a more controlled version of Edge that IT admins can use to manage which features are available to users.


Q: How does my organization turn off the personal browser window?
A: 1. In the Microsoft Edge browser, go to Settings and more > Extensions.
2. Turn off the toggle switch for the "Allow in private browsing" extension.
Q: How does a user customize the work and personal URL list?
A: No, you don't need to enable automatic switching. It will be enabled by default in a future release.
The work browser window and personal browser window are not connected.
You can go to edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings to designate sites to open automatically in the work and personal browser windows.
There is no group policy to customize the work and personal URL list at this time.
Q: When the user switches between work and personal browser windows, are they logged out of sites and apps?
A: No, switching between the work and personal browser windows will not log the user out of sites and apps.
Q: How many products/services can I list?
A: It's a good idea to add images to your products/services.
Q: How much does Enterprise League cost?
A: We are a business club that helps you grow your business by connecting you to our network of business experts.

You can join our online business club for free.

A Premium Membership gives you access to exclusive content and events, as well as discounts on our partner products and services.


Q: Why did you relocate to Orlando Fashion Square?
A: The decision to move to a new location was made in 2010 and completed in 2011. The benefits of the move include free parking, lower rental expenses, room to grow, easier client access, and state of the art technology.
Q: What is a business plan and why do I need one?
A: A business plan is an essential tool for any business, especially if you are seeking financing. It defines your business, outlines your goals, and provides a roadmap for your success. A well-crafted business plan will help you secure funding and keep your business on track.
Q: Why Do You Want to Be a Leader?
A: The easiest way to add a chatbot to your website is to use a chatbot platform like BotStar or Chatfuel. You can create a chatbot for your website without any coding knowledge, and it will take less than 10 minutes.

If you want to add a chatbot to your website, there are a few different ways to do it. The easiest way is to use a chatbot platform like BotStar or Chatfuel. These platforms allow you to create a chatbot for


Q: When should an "employee Leasing Company" include payments made to its "leased employees" for services provided to the Employee Leasing Company's customers (the "servicing company(s)" in their capacity as a "leased employee" in its Business Enterprise Tax Base?
A: The BET return is required if the taxpayer is required to file a federal return, unless the taxpayer is exempt from federal taxes. The return must be filed even if the taxpayer is not required to pay any taxes. Any unused BET credit may be carried forward for up to 10 years.
Q: How do I adjust which browser window a site is opened in?
A: There are two ways to change which browser window is used to open a website:

Method 1:

In your web browser, open the website you want to use. Click the link or button to open the website in a new window.

Method 2:

In your web browser, open the website you want to use. Right-click on the link or button to open the website in a new window.
Q: How may I find out about bidding opportunities for companies certified in the program?
A: You can find bidding opportunities on the State Contracting Portal.
Q: How to find new business partners?
A: You can use the filters on the left side of the screen to search for companies by country, city, category, products/services, No. of Employees and keyword.
Q: How to engage with other businesses?
A: 1. Use LinkedIn to establish a rapport with your connections and keep the communication alive.

2. Keep an eye on the Connections News and Public Feed where you can enter in discussions and comment on posts.
Q: How to get in contact with a company?
A: 1. Search for the person you want to connect with on LinkedIn.

2. Click on the "Connect" button next to their name.

3. Write a personal message in the "Add a note" box and click "Send Invitation."


Q: When is the return due?
A: Estimated tax payments are required if your tax liability exceeds $200 (or $260 for taxable periods ending on or after December 31, 2013). Partnership returns are due on the 15th day of the 3rd month following the end of the taxable period, while corporate, proprietorship, fiduciary and combined returns are due on the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the taxable period.
Q: How can I make my company appear first on search?
A: If you want to be visible on LinkedIn, make sure you log in regularly and engage with the platform.
Q: What is the right membership for my company?
A: Free Membership: For micro companies that are just starting

Premium Membership: For small and medium companies looking to grow
Q: When will my membership renew?
A: Your Premium Membership will be renewed on the same day you have purchased it.


Q: What payment methods do you offer?
A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

We accept payments via all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal. If you have any questions about payment methods, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q: What payment option do you offer?
A: The Premium Membership is a great deal for anyone who wants to learn a new language. It gives you access to all the courses, lessons, and features that Babbel offers. The monthly price is $15, but you can get a 25% discount if you pay for a year in advance.


Q: What type of notifications do I get?
A: you get notified when someone mentions you in a post or comment, when someone replies to a post or comment you've made, and when a direct message is sent to you.

You can adjust your notification settings by going to your profile (the little human icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and selecting "Notifications."
Q: What types of files can I attach in the additional documents section?
A: The process is simple:

Upload a document.

Use the Word/PDF editor.

Download the edited document.

Upload a document

To upload a document, click the Upload button on the home page. You will be taken to the upload page. You can either drag and drop the document or upload it by clicking the Choose File button.

Use the Word/PDF editor

After uploading the document, you will be taken to the editor page
Q: What types of things should I put in a lease (in addition to amount of money, length of time, and conditions)?
A: The landowner should put the liability and potential for lawsuits at the hands of the lessee in terms of a written lease.


Q: How do users print from Chrome devices?
A: Chrome 59 and later support printing to local and network printers. You can use the Google Admin console to add printers that automatically appear in your users’ list of Chrome printers.
Q: How do I deploy applications and software to Chrome devices?
A: No, you cannot install client software on Chrome devices.

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