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information for investors
post ash investor analyst event
2016 annual report
2017 proxy statement
msa safety sidoti company emerging growth research institutional investor presentation
2017 proxy statement
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company brochure
2009 annual report

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Q: Why An FAQ Resource?
A: FAQ pages can help bring new visitors to your website via organic search and drive them quickly to related pages. They can also help improve your brand visibility within the search engine result pages (in-SERP) by targeting audience questions, wants, needs, and pain points.
Q: How to create an FAQ online using Knowledge Management Software?
A: If you want to create an online FAQ page for your website, you can use knowledge management software like Document360. This will allow you to easily create and manage your FAQ page, and will give you many benefits over a conventional FAQ page.
Q: Why FAQ pages are important?
A: An FAQ page is important because it can help reduce customer support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase conversions.


Q: What are the benefits of having an FAQ page on your website?
A: An FAQ page is a powerful tool that can help you improve your customer experience, increase sales, and build trust and relationships with your customers.
Q: How do you create an effective FAQ page?
A: The best way to create an FAQ page is to research common questions and issues from your customer support team, ticketing system, emails, search bars, and social media comments. You can also look at your competitor’s site for ideas. Keywords and descriptions used by your customers should be maintained throughout the FAQ page for optimization purposes.
Q: What questions belong on an FAQ page?
A: Look at your customers' questions, your competitors' websites, and Google/Quora for ideas on what questions to answer.
Q: What other info should go on an FAQ page?
A: How do I format my submission?
-What is an appropriate topic for this subreddit?
-How do I flair my submission?
-What are the rules of this subreddit?
-I have a question that isn't answered here/in the sidebar. Who do I contact?


Q: When was the Company incorporated?
A: WisdomTree Investments, Inc. was incorporated on September 19, 1985 as Financial Data Systems, Inc. and renamed WisdomTree Investments, Inc. on September 6, 2005 and WisdomTree, Inc. on November 7, 2022.
Q: When did the Company become a public company?
A: The Company completed its initial public offering on December 4, 1991.
Q: Where is the Company located?
A: I'm a software engineer at Etsy.

I'm a software engineer at Etsy.

I'm a software engineer at Etsy.
Q: Where can I get the latest news?
A: A new team of managers will be taking over the company, and the new CEO will be coming from the investment firm that owns most of the company.
Q: Where can I find information on the Company’s management team and board of directors?
A: The management team is composed of three co-founders and the board of directors is composed of five people.
Q: Where does the name of "T&D" come from?
A: It's not really a problem, it's a feature.

The differences you're seeing are due to the way the various shells expand wildcards. In particular, zsh expands wildcards in a way that's more "what you'd expect" than bash or tcsh.

In bash and tcsh, the expanded wildcards are passed to the command as separate arguments. So, if you do this:

$ echo *

you're actually running the command echo


Q: What is the Company's stock symbol?
A: Wind Turbine is a publicly traded company that manufactures and sells wind turbines.
Q: When is the Company's fiscal year end?
A: I'm going to be blogging about my life and thoughts at the end of each month.


So, I've decided that I'm going to start blogging at the end of each month. I'm going to write about what's been going on in my life and what I've been thinking about.

I think it will be a good way for me to reflect on my life and to share my thoughts with others.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog
Q: Who is the Company's transfer agent?
A: The best way to find the mailing address for a specific company is to look up the company's website and look for their "Contact Us" page. If you can't find the mailing address on the company's website, you can try searching for the company's name on Google, and look for any press releases or other public documents that might contain the mailing address. If all else fails, you can try calling the company's customer service line and asking for the mailing address.
Q: Who is the Company's independent auditor?
A: Ernst & Young LLP is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the Big Four accounting firms.
Q: What is Bird's mission?
A: Bird is hiring a Business Development Manager to help us build partnerships with local businesses. The Business Development Manager will be responsible for identifying, developing, and executing partnerships with local businesses in Bird’s markets.
Q: Who is the Company’s independent auditor?
A: The Company's independent auditor is Moss Adams, LLC.
Q: What is the Group's core strategy?
A: I had a problem with my phone not being able to connect to a certain wifi network.


Q: What types of entities are on file with the Corporations Division?
A: Business corporations, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, benefit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, and limited liability companies are formed in Georgia by filing with the Corporations Division of the Office of Secretary of State. In some instances, the above entities that form in other states choose to file with the Georgia Secretary of State as “foreign” entities.
Q: How long does it take to complete a filing with the Corporations Division?
A: Processing times will vary depending on office workload, but you can generally expect your filing to be processed within 15 business days.
Q: How long does it take to receive a response to an online name reservation request?
A: You can submit a request for information about your account to our Customer Care team. Most requests are responded to within 5 to 7 business days of receipt.
Q: Why did I get redirected to the Experian website during the filing process?
A: The Georgia Secretary of State has implemented identity proofing services provided by Experian Information Solutions, Inc. in order to verify the identity of online filers for certain online filings made through eCorp. If a filer fails Experian identity verification, they will not be allowed to proceed with the transaction and their eCorp account will be locked.


Q: What is the purpose of FAQs on your website?
A: An FAQ can save you time, bring in new traffic, and build trust with your audience.
Q: What is the purpose of an annual registration?
A: You need to file an annual report to keep your LLC active.
Q: When must an annual registration be filed?
A: You have to register your business with the state of Georgia every year.
Q: How do I obtain a paper annual registration form?
A: You can complete your form online here.


Q: What do FAQs mean?
A: FAQs are important pages of your website that give your customers answers to their most frequently asked questions.
Q: What does “O.C.G.A.” mean?
A: The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) is the official compilation of all the laws of the state of Georgia. It is often referred to as “the Code.” Laws regarding corporations, LLCs and partnerships are found in Title 14 of the Code.
Q: What does issuance of a name by the Secretary of State mean?
A: The name is available for filing purposes, but may not be available for use in the marketplace.


Q: How many officers must a corporation have?
A: The officers of a corporation are the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and secretary, as provided by O.C.G.A. $ 14-2-840.
Q: How do I change an entity’s address?
A: Annual registration or amended annual registration.
Q: How do I change officers of a corporation?
A: You can change your officers by filing an annual registration or an amended annual registration.
Q: How do obtain an EIN (Employee Identification Number) for my corporation?
A: The Employee Identification Number is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service. The Corporations Division does not issue or maintain record of EINs.


Q: What is an “S” or a “C” corporation?
A: The Secretary of State does not have information about whether a corporation is an “S” or a “C”.
Q: What is a statutory close corporation?
A: A statutory close corporation is a corporation with fewer than 50 shareholders that has elected to be governed by the provisions of law beginning at O.C.G.A. $ 14-2-901.
Q: Where can I find the filing procedures for forming a Georgia limited liability company, a Georgia corporation or a Georgia limited partnership?
A: 1. Go to the court's website and look for the section on filing procedures.

2. Find the section that applies to your case and follow the instructions.
Q: What is your corporate governance policy?
A: If you are a software developer, learn to code in Java

- If you want to be a web developer, learn to code in PHP

- If you want to be a mobile developer, learn to code in Objective-C or Swift (for iOS) or Java (for Android)
Q: What is your risk management system?
A: If you want to learn about programming, you should start with a language that is easy to learn and has a lot of resources available. Python is a great choice for beginners, as it is easy to read and has a large community of users.
Q: Who do I contact if I am an artist or other rights holder with a question about royalty claims, processing, or administration—including issues such as updating my mailing address and contact information?
A: Artist and producer royalties are payments made to creators for the use of their work. These payments are calculated based on the revenue generated by the work, and are typically paid out quarterly. You can find more information on artist and producer royalties, including how to read your royalty statement and update your contact information, on the Artist Portal. For questions about mechanical royalty payments, please click here.


Q: What type of entity should I form?
A: There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to form a corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company, including tax issues, liability issues, capital needs, and the type of business. The staff of the Corporations Division can assist with the process if a decision is made to form a corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company.
Q: What is the “registered agent” of an entity?
A: – The registered agent is the “mailbox” for the corporation.
Q: Who can be a registered agent?
A: The registered agent for a Domestic Profit and Nonprofit Corporation may be an individual resident in the state of incorporation, a domestic corporation, or a foreign corporation authorized to transact business in the state of incorporation.
Q: How can I change the registered agent of my entity?
A: Change the name of your registered agent by filing an annual registration or an amended annual registration.
Q: What is the fee to reserve a name?
A: The best way to reserve a name for your LLC in California is to file online, which will cost you $25.

How to Reserve an LLC Name

1. Search for LLC Names

Before you reserve a name for your LLC, you should check to see if the name you want is available. You’ll want to do a search for the name on the Secretary of State’s website.

You can search for LLC names on the Secretary of


Q: How do I invest in Bird?
A: You can purchase BRDS stock through a broker that offers NYSE-listed securities.
Q: How do I sign up for email alerts?
A: 1. Go to

2. Scroll down to the "other feeds" section

3. Enter the following URL:

4. Click "save"
Q: How do I apply for IRS federal tax exemption as a charitable organization?
A: You need to include language in your articles of incorporation specifically stating that your organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Q: How do I file a name reservation?
A: register a business name in the state of Florida online by clicking here.
Q: How long does a name reservation last?
A: A name reservation expires 30 days after it is approved or when the entity is formed, whichever is sooner.
Q: What is the next step after the name reservation has been approved?
A: Don't do anything under your business name until you have filed your entity formation documents with the Secretary of State.
Q: When filing a new entity, if the name I have chosen is not available, how do I submit a new name?
A: If you filed online, you will submit the new name online through the electronic refile process. If you filed in paper format, you will need to submit the new articles and a new transmittal form with the name.
Q: How do I submit a demo to Sony Music?
A: Sony Music does not accept unsolicited sound recordings, musical compositions or any other creative materials.


Q: What happens if a foreign corporation, LP, LLP, LLLP, or LLC should file with the Secretary of State, but does not, or does business in Georgia for more than 30 days without filing?
A: If you are a corporation, LLC, LLP, or other business entity, you may not be able to file a lawsuit in Georgia if you have not registered with the Georgia Secretary of State.
Q: How does a foreign corporation, LP, LLP, LLLP, or LLC obtain a certificate of authority and is there a fee?
A: To file for a certificate of authority for a foreign entity in Georgia, you can either do it online or by mail. The filing fee is $200 for foreign LLPs and $225 for all other entities.
Q: When a foreign entity that has obtained a certificate of authority no longer transacts business in Georgia, is there a filing to be made?
A: A foreign entity that ceases its operations in Georgia should file an "Application for Withdrawal" pursuant to O.C.G.A. 14-2-1520 (profit corporation), 14-3-1520 (nonprofit corporation), 14-8-50 (LLP), 14-9-906 (LP and LLLP), or 14-11-707 (LLC).
Q: What is the relation between T&D Holdings and the three life insurance companies (Taiyo Life, Daido Life and T&D Financial Life)?
A: Yes, you can use the Facebook pixel to track conversions on your website. However, you will need to install the pixel code on your website, and you will need to create a custom conversion event to track the specific conversion that you want to track.

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