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Q: How to insure your tiny home?
A: We provide the vehicle certificate of origin along with other documents the owner needs to submit to their local Auditor’s Office in order to receive their title. For tiny homes they are built to the standard residential building code that site-built homes also follow so they are treated like a standard house.


Q: What type of home is it?
A: I did my own contracting and saved a bunch of money.

I decided to do my own contracting, which was a bit of a nightmare, but I saved a bunch of money. The downside was that it was a lot of work and I didn't get to take advantage of the contractor's expertise (I had to learn a lot as I went).

2. Don't do it yourself

Tl;dr: Hire a professional for things you're not good at
Q: What is North Hill Home’s experience in home building?
A: You can buy one of our houses without a broker, but if you choose to work with a broker, it will increase the purchase price. We don't provide financing, but we work closely with several lenders to get you the best possible rates and terms. You can buy a North Hill Home before it's completed or even started. We offer a one-year warranty against structural issues.
Q: How would I know if the home improvements I’m making require a permit?
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Q: What are some of basic tenets of a built green home?
A: A green building is one that is designed to protect the environment.
Q: What kind of foundation is needed?
A: it depends.
Q: What is the estimated timeline for a standard tiny home?
A: It could take up to five months for your tiny home to be built.
Q: What happens if there is a difference of opinion about code requirements?
A: We provide code citations when we find items on plans that do not comply with code. If there is a conflict in opinion that is not clear in the code, we defer to the design engineer's determinations.


Q: How long does it take?
A: Building a custom home can take anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The design and planning phase is the most important, and you should take your time to make sure everything is perfect before construction begins. Once construction starts, communication with your builder is key to keeping everyone happy.
Q: How long does it take to build a home generally?
A: We do not sell our plans, but we are happy to build on your land or ours throughout southwest Wyoming. We currently have homesites available in Dreamcatcher and Mustang Ridge. If building on your land, you will need to provide your own construction loan. We do not offer in-house financing but can help you acquire financing through our preferred lenders. We offer a 12-month guarantee on our homes.
Q: How much does a permit cost?
A: The cost of a permit varies depending on the type of work being done, but the minimum cost is $54.00.
Q: How long are permits valid for?
A: A permit is valid for 180 days after purchase, unless an approved inspection is obtained within that time. After each approved inspection, the permit is valid for another 180 days. One or more extensions of up to 90 days each may be requested for justifiable cause.


Q: Who are your preferred lenders?
A: Contact Collins Builders today to learn more about our cash purchase process. We have two preferred lenders that have worked hard to earn our client’s business over many years. These seasoned construction to perm specialists are:

Ian B. MacDonald with Regions Mortgage:
John Robinson with VyStar Credit Union:
Q: What are tiny homes used for?
A: Our tiny homes can be used as vacation homes, rental properties, or permanent dwellings, depending on local zoning regulations.
Q: Why are your some of your tiny homes called park models?
A: Park models are tiny homes that are built to fit the recreational park trailer code.
Q: What are the building standards of the tiny homes we build?
A: Our tiny homes are built according to the International Residential Code (IRC) and follow the Washington State Energy Code. Our tiny homes are also inspected by WA State L&I and we also receive an insignia for our tiny homes once passing final inspection.
Q: How many tiny homes have WCH built?
A: In the past ten years, over 50 tiny homes have been built in the United States. These homes are usually less than 400 square feet, and can be built on a trailer or on a foundation. They are becoming increasingly popular as people downsize their lifestyles or look for more affordable housing options.
Q: What are the dimensions of your tiny homes?
A: The dimensions of our tiny homes vary depending on the model, but are generally around 8 feet wide and 20-30 feet long.
Q: What are the Building & Zoning Department’s hours of operation?
A: The library is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., closed for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m., and open on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with lunch service.


Q: When deciding on a plan for your next home, the first question you should ask yourself is WHY?
A: Consider your needs when choosing a home design. Some important aspects to consider are size, orientation and position, and floorplan.
Q: What happens after a Preliminary Plan is approved?
A: You need a minimum of four acres to build a house in Barnesville, and you need to get a permit from both the town and the county. If you have eight or more acres, you can subdivide your land into smaller lots.
Q: What is the mechanical code?
A: You need a permit to build most new construction, and inspection is needed to ensure that the construction and materials used meet minimum requirements.
Q: What is the role of the plan review staff?
A: Plan reviewers are only concerned with compliance requirements of the codes. Their job is to ensure that submitted plans meet the state's adopted minimum code standards.
Q: What is the average turn-around time for building plan review?
A: It takes about a week to get a plan review for a new home, but it can take longer if there are problems with the plans or documentation.


Q: When do I need a permit for plumbing work?
A: A permit is required for any plumbing work that involves altering existing piping, or for any new plumbing installations. This includes work on water heaters, underground piping, and piping inside walls or ceilings. A permit may also be required for emergency repairs if new piping is required.
Q: When is a plumbing permit not required?
A: You need a permit if you're changing the complete plumbing system or adding new fixtures, but not if you're doing ordinary repairs.

*Source: [City of San Francisco](*

## What is a permit?

A permit
Q: What is needed to apply for a garage conversion permit?
A: You can convert your garage into a habitable space, but you must follow the setback requirements for your lot and get a permit.
Q: When is a Notice of Commencement required?
A: A Notice of Commencement is required for any permitted work in excess of $2,500, unless the work is a direct contract to repair or replace an existing heating or air-conditioning system (in an amount less than $7,500).


Q: What are the requirements for a patio addition?
A: If you're planning on building a shed, you will need to submit plans to your local municipality for approval. There may also be specific requirements in terms of the materials used and footings.
Q: What are the fencing and alarm requirements for a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub?
A: There are no regulations that prevent the construction of a home in the middle of a lake. There are permit and safety requirements that must be met including submitting plans for review.

There are no regulations that prevent the construction of a home in the middle of a lake. There are permit and safety requirements that must be met including submitting plans for review.
Q: What are the specifications for handicapped parking, ramps, and stairways?
A: There is no such thing as a "universal" or "standard" USB cable.

USB cables are not always interchangeable.

USB cables have different specifications depending on the situation and location.

If you need a specific USB cable for a specific device, make sure you get the right one.
Q: What are the handicap specifications for restrooms and drinking fountains?
A: The ADA requires that all public restrooms and drinking fountains have at least one wheelchair-accessible stall or drinking fountain. The specifications vary, depending on the size and location of the restroom or drinking fountain.
Q: What are the permit requirements for new residential and commercial construction?
A: A permit is required for most types of work being performed on a home or commercial building, including remodels, re-roofs, and the installation of certain appliances. The permit requirements vary depending on the type of work being performed.
Q: How and when are inspections performed?
A: Building inspections are generally performed from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. In certain circumstances the Building Official can perform inspections after 5 pm. You can contact our office to speak with the Building Official or to get his mobile contact information.
Q: Where does Florida Law specify that I must obtain a permit for construction?
A: County Commissions are allowed to issue building and fire prevention permits, and to hire personnel to enforce the codes.


Q: How do I apply for a research of the building inspection records or commercial plans for a particular property?
A: Building inspection files are public records and requests for research can be done by FAX, mail, or in person at the Permit Counter.
Q: How do I request a building inspection?
A: Inspection requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling (559) 324-2337.
Q: How do I register a complaint about what appears to be a hazardous building code violation on an ongoing permitted jobsite?
A: The Building Department can be contacted at (904) 966-6223 for information about building permits. You will need the permit number or 911 site address when calling.
Q: How do I report unlicensed contracting?
A: You can report unlicensed activity to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation by calling their hotline or by visiting their website.
Q: How do I obtain a burn permit for yard debris?
A: Contact the Department of Forestry at (386)496-2190.
Q: When and where do I call to schedule an inspection?
A: You must contact our office to schedule an inspection. You may call at anytime even if the office is closed. But any inspection called in after 4:30pm will not go on the schedule for the following day, but will be scheduled 2 days out.


Q: How do I contact the Building and Housing office?
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What you're doing is called "pass by value". The value of the variable (the number) is being passed to the function. The function can change the value of the variable, but the original variable won't be changed.

You need to use a "pass by reference" method to achieve what you want. In JavaScript, that would be using an object:

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Q: What does the Building Official need to inspect?
A: The building official will need to inspect all aspects of the work before it is covered or concealed from view. If the work is concealed before it can be inspected the building official may require that the work be uncovered at the expense of the contractor or owner.
Q: How can I contact the Building Official?
A: The Building Official's mobile number is available by contacting our office during business hours. If you have a question for the building official you may email it to (Attn: Rod).


Q: Where can I find the list of general permit fees?
A: The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (the Act) provides that, if a tenancy agreement is entered into on or after 1 July 2016, a landlord must not unreasonably withhold consent to a tenant’s request to keep a pet at the premises.
Q: Where do I get a pond permit?
A: You need a permit to build a pond in your backyard. The Building Department does not issue pond permits.
Q: Where can I get a County Occupational License?
A: There is no longer an occupational license required in Bradford County, Florida. If you are doing work within the city limits of Starke, you will need to contact their office for their occupational license requirements.


Q: What size shed can I put up in my backyard without a permit?
A: Non-habitable one-story detached accessory structures, provided that the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet (18.58 m2) and does not exceed a height of 15 feet (4572 mm) measured from grade plane to the average height of the highest roof surface.
Q: Who is responsible for the work if I obtain an owner/builder permit and hire an unlicensed individual to do the work?
A: The owner is solely responsible for ensuring that a licensed contractor is hired for the job. If the contractor is unlicensed, the owner is legally responsible for any work that is not completed.
Q: How do I verify that my contractor is licensed to work in Bradford County and the state of Florida?
A: Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) at 850.487.1395. The CCC hours of operations are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time. For a quicker response from a DBPR representative, the best times during the day to call are between the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Eastern Time or 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time.
Q: What do I need in order to register in Bradford County as a contractor to pull permits?
A: If you are a state certified contractor, you will need a license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).
Q: What is the number for the Bradford County Health Department?
A: You will need to get a septic permit from the Bradford County Health Department before you can submit your plans for approval. The number for the health department is 352-334-7930.


Q: Where is the building permit office and when is it open?
A: The office is located in City Hall room 505 at 601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. The office is open from 8 am to 5 pm.
Q: What part do reused and recycled building materials play in green building?
A: Building a smaller house uses fewer materials and costs less to construct, is easier and more economical to maintain and heat, and typically leaves more yard space outside to enjoy.
Q: What information needs to be shown on my plans?
A: A complete set of architectural drawings for a new home, including the foundation plan, floor plans, at least two complete cross sections in opposing directions, roof plan, four elevation views and energy compliance forms.
Q: How many sets of plans do I need to submit?
A: One set for residential projects, four sets for commercial projects.
Q: What paperwork is required to have on the job site for the inspection?
A: Permit and notice of commencement must be posted on job site, as well as a set of the reviewed SITE COPY building plans. Construction documents must be accessible on the job site and maintained in a weatherproof container.
Q: Where do I submit my building plans for review, and what is required?
A: You need to submit two complete sets of documents to the building department along with the permit application.

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