Register! When demand is not high we often run registered users' non-commercial crawl setups of interesting topics, for free. In other words, registered users without subscription who make an effort and collect good example links for interesting topics may get a free crawl, at our own discretion. Subscription plans may also get discounts for research and educational purposes.


CRAWL Light Basic Pro Business
Why Test crawl capabilities.
Access public verticals.
Perfect for webmasters.
Analyze competition.
Nice niche overview.
Great for developers
& SEO consultants.
More data for professionals.
A must have
for SEO firms.
2 BIG or 20 PRO crawls.
Monthly subscription info $29 $149 $499 Contact us
Yearly subscription
(20% savings) info
SAVE $358
$119 / month
SAVE $1198
$399 / month
Contact us
Each additional crawl monthly (yearly) info $333 ($3194) Add business instances.
Maximum page visits per crawl info 100,000 1,000,000 10,000,000 100,000,000
Maximum on-topic pages per crawl info 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 10,000,000
Minimum crawl time estimate info 5 minutes 1 hour 1 day 1 week
Crawls per month info unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
# running crawls info 1 1 1 2-10
# active crawls info 1 2 2 2-20 *
# crawl settings info 2 10 100 1000
Automatic reload (purge) interval info week (month) 4 hours (day) hour (2 hours)
Download data info
API info
3 req/s per crawler
(7,776,000 req/mo)

8 req/s per crawler
(20,736,000 req/mo)

network limit
Have an expert setup your crawl info $300 $300 $300
Buy a pre-configured setup of a crawl info $100 $100 $100
Anonymizing Proxy info Optional





SEO backlink tools info insufficient data
# top results for public backlink tools info 50 300 1000 1000
Crawl & site promotion info
CSV reports info





Web scraping info $150 / page design $150 / page design $150 / page design $150 / page design

This is a subscription based service. If you subscribe, you will be charged each billing cycle until you cancel.


Data Only Option

If all you need is a single crawl's data without backlink analysis tools and monthly API access, we can do the setup and deliver the data tailored to your requirements. For $300 we can setup a crawl and deliver up to few million on-topic pages at a price of per hundred pages. This is a risk free option. If we are unable to deliver the data you need, we will let you know before we enter the agreement. Also, you will get a sample of the data to verify it is what you are looking for. We have news seeds, blog seeds, and in general well over one million top domains covering dozens of languages we can use as a starting point for our crawls.

If you need to run various crawls or crawl the web on a continous basis, one of the subscription options above is a better solution for you.



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