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Q: What is Faith For Today?
A: Faith For Today is a long-running television ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, best known for its flagship program Lifestyle Magazine. The ministry also produces feature films, holiday features, and other shows such as Mad About Marriage and The Evidence.
Q: Where can I watch Faith For Today programs?
A: Lifestyle Magazine can be seen on a wide variety of television networks and stations across the U.S. and around the world.
Q: What is the Faith Partners’ program?
A: The vision of this ministry is to share God’s grace with the world through broadcast media. Our ministry is modeled after Christ’s method of ministry, which sought to meet the physical and emotional needs of His followers. Faith For Today seeks to encourage, inspire and equip viewers for greater success in their daily lives, and to overcome religious prejudice by offering hope, help, and healing from a Christian perspective.


Q: How can I book a live seminar with Mike Tucker?
A: Mike Tucker is available as a presenter or guest speaker for events. Email [email protected] for more information.
Q: How can I become a Faith Friend?
A: Support this ministry by giving each month. You may send in a check, mail or call in a credit card payment, or we can automatically withdraw the amount from a credit card or checking account each month.
Q: Where can I find a multi-faith calendar of major religious observances?
A: The university has a policy on excused absences for religious observances, and there is an online resource that can help you find out about major religious holidays. Interfaith Programs does not endorse any particular religious viewpoint, but instead seeks to be a resource for all members of the UMD community.
Q: How can an individual ensure that a religious holiday display that she erects is constitutional?
A: Holiday displays on private property are not subject to constitutional scrutiny, while those on public property must be authorized by the appropriate authorities.


Q: What is “The Choice”?
A: The Choice Seminar is a LIVE event where Mike Tucker guides audiences through the choices that affect our joy. He helps us identify self-lies and replace them with the truths that transform.
Q: What is Zoom?
A: Zoom is a video conference application that will be used to host this conference.  It is free for those attending.  It is accessible on numerous Operating Systems and even Mobile devices.

## What is the Schedule?

The schedule is still being finalized, but we expect to start around 10:00am and finish around 4:00pm.  The schedule will be updated as we finalize it.

Tl;dr: The schedule is still being finalized
Q: What are Zoom Links, found in the Online Program?
A: Zoom Links are direct links to every conference EVENT. Each is a unique URL which contains that Event's Zoom MeetingID.
Q: What is Zoom Passcode and how will it be used during Events?
A: A passcode will be emailed to you on Thursday, March 10th - prior to the start of the conference.
Q: What is the Reference Files button and how is this used?
A: There is a "REFERENCE FILES" button on the online Program that you can use to access all of the conference materials.
Q: What music is appropriate?
A: The Randolph Church requires that clergy and other persons wishing to use the church for a service or event first communicate with the Clerk of the Randolph Church to ascertain whether the time and date of the proposed service or event is available on the calendar.
Q: What are some ways in which an organization’s religious identity is protected while it receives and administers Federal grants?
A: The White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Centers for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships work to connect faith-based and community organizations with opportunities to partner with the Federal government to advance the common good. They do not distribute Federal funds or decide which organizations receive Federal grants.


Q: How do I use Zoom's chat feature?
A: Zoom has a chat feature you can use to communicate with anyone in the event, even if you are muted.
Q: How do I sign up for a Zoom account?
A: 1. Go to the "Settings" tab.
2. Scroll down to the "Advanced" section.
3. Click on the "Manage your data" button.
4. Click on the "Download your data" button.
5. Choose what data you want to download.
6. Click on the "Create archive" button.
7. Wait for the download to finish.
Q: How do I share my screen?
A: Click the "Share Screen" button on your control bar
Select one of the screen share options
Q: How do I join?
A: No, you do not have to be Jewish to become a member of the JCC in Sherman.
Q: How are exemption requests evaluated?
A: The three standards for evaluating religious-exemption requests are the least restrictive means test, the compelling interest test, and the strict scrutiny test.


Q: Who funded this project?
A: I'm looking for a recording of a speech that is either in the public domain or has a Creative Commons license. The speech is by Bertha Knight Landes, and is called "Municipal Housekeeping".
Q: How can I make a donation to the ministry?
A: The Joyce Meyer Ministries accepts donations online, by mail, or by phone. Credit card donations can be made online or over the phone.
Q: Where do I find Zoom links to attend the conference?
A: 1. Download and install the Zoom client/app

2. In the client/app, join the meeting by clicking/tapping the link:

3. Enter the password:

Q: What is Night to Shine and who is invited to attend the event?
A: This is a prom for people with special needs.
Q: When is the next Night to Shine event?
A: The Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine is an annual prom event for people with special needs. It is held on the Friday before Valentine’s Day.
Q: Where is Bakersfield's Night to Shine located?
A: The church is located on the corner of Fairfax and Gosford, at 2500 Fairfax Rd., Bakersfield, CA, 93306.
Q: What else can I do to support the University’s policy for accommodating religious beliefs and practices?
A: Don't discriminate against someone for their religion, and try to accommodate them as much as possible.


Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: The JCC in Sherman is a community center that offers programs and events for all ages. Membership is open to everyone and runs on a calendar year basis. The JCC in Sherman is not a religious organization and does not hold religious services.
Q: What accommodations do you think might work?
A: I need a place to stay for a couple of weeks while I'm looking for an apartment.

I'm looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks while I'm looking for an apartment. I don't need anything fancy, just a place to crash that's reasonably priced.


Q: What does religious freedom mean?
A: Religious freedom is the right to believe and live by one's religious tradition, and to shape one's life, both private and public, based on personal and communal beliefs.
Q: Why is religious freedom important to our society?
A: Respecting and upholding the right of individuals to think and act as free citizens is the best way to navigate a religiously diverse society.
Q: What does “free exercise” of religion mean under the First Amendment?
A: The government may limit free exercise of religion when there is a compelling interest, such as public health or safety.


Q: What are Mad About Marriage Seminars?
A: Mad About Marriage is a live relationship training event that explores the dynamics of healthy relationships and provides tools for helping couples enrich their marriage relationships.
Q: Who Should I Talk With About My Interest in Becoming a Religious Brother?
A: A Brother is a man committed to living the Consecrated Life in response to a call from God.
Q: How should teachers respond if students ask them about their religious beliefs?
A: Teachers may not proselytize for or against religion.
Q: What about the study of other religious traditions?
A: The academic study of religion should be included in public school education because religion is a significant part of history and society.


Q: How were the recordings edited?
A: The ARSP's resources are intended to educate and engage multiple audiences around issues of religious diversity in ways that are accessible, compelling, and theoretically informed.
Q: When does the Zoom Host start the meeting during the conference?
A: The Zoom Host will start the meeting, making the Zoom Links LIVE, 10 minutes before the Event's start time. All events times are listed in EST (Eastern Standard Time) and then EDT (Eastern Daylight Time - ON SUNDAY).
Q: How should the Bible be included in the history curriculum?
A: The Bible has played a significant role in history and its impact can still be seen today.
Q: What are the academic aims of a literature elective in the Bible?
A: The primary aim of a literature elective in the Bible would be to provide students with a basic understanding of the Bible.
Q: How should the Bible be included in the literature curriculum?
A: The Bible can be studied as literature in public schools, as it is a work of great literary value.
Q: How should teachers of a Bible elective be selected and what preparation will they require?
A: School districts and universities should offer in-service workshops and summer institutes for teachers who are teaching about the Bible in literature and history courses. When selecting teachers to teach Bible electives, school districts should look for teachers who have some background in the academic study of religion.

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