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AMA 1999 Neonatal Circumcision Policy Statement: Neonatal Circumcision1
Normal versus Circumcised: U.S. Neonatal Male Genital Ratio - 20011
Informed Consent for Neonatal Circumcision1
The Effects of Circumcision on Sleep-Wake States in Human Neonates1
Poland: The Question of Routine Neonatal Circumcision1
Neonatal circumcision does not reduce HIV/AIDS infection rates1
Below the Belt: Doctors, Debate, and the Ongoing American Discussion of Routine Neonatal Male Circumcision1
Neonatal Circumcision Reconsidered1
Circumcision Stress and Neonatal Sleep1
Amputation of distal penile glans during neonatal ritual circumcision - a rare complication1

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