Analysts & Developers.
Delegate crawling to us.

Use capabilities of our web crawler for topical and general web page discovery, open or site specific crawl with powerful domain, URL, and anchor text level rules. Get relevant content from the web, discover new big sites in your niche. Use API for integration with your project. Our crawler is tuned to find topical pages from small set of examples, avoid various spider traps and spam sites, etc.


Explore 50+ backlink tools.

Curious to find out more about your site or your competitor's site? Try both simple and aggregate queries with counts like:

backlink tools

SEO consultants.
Need insight?

Analyze in detail your topical web graph and semantic flow within it. Discover pages and their phrases which can provide highest transfer of topical relevance to your page. Find top relevant domains, high impact prospect pages with link opportunities, common phrases used, topic-sensitive PageRank, relevance transfer scores, all within your niche. These are some of the top SEO factors in Google's SERP rankings. With our results create SEO reports not available elsewhere. Save time by analyzing only top relevant content. We use machine learning algorithms emulating some of those used by well known search engines.


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