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Random 'newspapers FAQs', may be related to more specific topics, not general newspapers topic.



Q: What are the rules on disclaimers in political advertising?
A: A sales tax on advertising would be a bad idea for Iowa. It would have a huge negative impact on the Iowa economy.
Q: What can reporters ask as a result of HIPPA?
A: The HIPAA Privacy Rule restricts what health and medical professionals may disclose about a patient, unless specific consent is given. This may impact a reporter's ability to gather information about a story involving medical information.
Q: What is the procedure for holding a closed session?
A: The open meetings law in Iowa defines a meeting as a gathering of a majority of the members of a governmental body where there is deliberation or action upon any scope of the governmental body’s policy-making duties. This definition includes meetings held in person or by electronic means, formal or informal. There are exceptions to the rule of openness under the Open Meetings Law, including for discussions of strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent, and for
Q: When do I file and publish my statement of ownership with the USPS?
A: Yes, you can allow others to use your mailing permit, and yes, you can count all copies going from an in-county post office that wander into another county.
Q: What is the role of the boards in preparing the budget?
A: The Iowa Newspaper Association has a board policy that requires member newspapers to list their papers by city, rather than by newspaper name, in the INA directory. This is to make it easier for potential advertisers and others to find information about any INA member paper. If a newspaper does not request that its dues be deducted from its ad checks, the INA will bill the paper for the balance due at the end of the year. The INA has a three-legged lobbying network consisting
Q: What if I’m not in the delivery area and I want a classroom set of the supplement?
A: If you're a teacher outside of the delivery area of The Oklahoman, you can request a classroom set of any curriculum we publish by emailing us before the deadline.


Q: How do I get a copy of an obituary or an article?
A: The Connecticut State Library does not search for or make copies of obituaries or articles, but anyone is welcome to use our microfilmed newspaper collection. Some public libraries in Connecticut do offer obituary searches, so researchers may want to contact the library in the town where the person lived.
Q: What do I get with Unlimited (Full) Digital Access?
A: You get unlimited access to, exclusive watchdog journalism, columnists and blogs, photo galleries and videos, the Baltimore Sun eNewspaper, fewer ads, special offers from the Sun Insider loyalty program, breaking news alerts and newsletters, and subscriber-exclusive newsletters.
Q: Where can I give you my feedback regarding Unlimited (Full) Digital Access subscriptions?
A: You can get a free trial of, and if you like it you can subscribe to get Unlimited (Full) Digital Access. This will give you access to on all of your devices.


Q: What about my newsletters?
A: You can read a limited number of free articles on, but you will need to sign up for Unlimited (Full) Digital Access to read premium articles.
Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: You can manage your subscription online by clicking here. You can also temporarily suspend your subscription while you're on vacation, report a delivery issue, or make a payment by calling (443) 692-9011.
Q: How do I change my email address?
A: The eNewspaper is an updated digital edition of The Baltimore Sun delivered to your inbox daily, including: every article, photograph, advertisement, even the daily crossword puzzle! You'll have the ability to download or email articles, photos, etc. The eNewspaper is offered as part of our digital subscription, Unlimited (Full) Digital Access. Once you sign up for Unlimited (Full) Digital Access, your eNewspaper account will be set up within 48 hours.


Q: How does a school district determine where to publish its proceedings?
A: Public notice is important to the community and to the future of your business. Make sure your staff is trained on the importance of public notice, and work with your state newspaper association to monitor public notice legislation. Keep public notices in a prominent, easy-to-find position in your newspaper, and use public notices as a source of new stories.
Q: What can I do if I asked for my password to be emailed to me, but did not receive it?
A: If you're having trouble logging in, make sure you're using the correct email address and password. If you're still having trouble, please contact customer service.
Q: Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?
A: If you have an existing digital subscription, you are not eligible to activate a Group Pass. You should continue to access The Times via your own subscription.


Q: Why do you require cookies for registration?
A: To manage your subscription, visit our Account Management page. You can also change your email address and password, and manage settings and newsletters. If you haven't already done so, please visit the site to register your account.
Q: What metadata standards do you use?
A: The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection (IDNC) is a collection of digitized newspapers from Illinois. The IDNC is free and open to the public. You can use the IDNC to search for articles, browse newspapers, and corrected text file errors. The IDNC is funded through contributions from grant agencies, individual donors, and peer institutions.


Q: How can I make sure my carriers are treated as independent contractors and not employees?
A: No, inside sales are not exempt from being paid overtime.
Q: Who can sign up for Newspapers in Education (NIE)?
A: Educators can register for free access to The Oklahoman.
Q: How can I sign up?
A: Click here to complete the registration form.


Q: What can I access on The Baltimore Sun's website?
A: You need a subscription to access everything on the website. You can either get a full digital access subscription or a seven-day print subscription.
Q: Why are certain titles not found on the Historic Oregon Newspapers website?
A: The University of Oregon does not possess negatives for the Oregon Daily Journal, nor have we been able to obtain them, so we will not be able to digitize the title using our NDNP funding. It is possible to digitize the Journal from the microfilm positives that we have. Although this would result in lesser quality images, the content would still be available. In order to do this, outside funding must be raised.
Q: Where are the newspapers?
A: It's a bug, and you should report it.

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