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Here we explain two things:

  1. how to use our free tool (which is self explanatory actually)
  2. the essence of up-to-date SEO which is easy to implement and does not require advanced knowledge

While there are many theories about SEO, basics are quite simple. Top pages on Google for a search query have passed all the possible signals and algorithms which Google uses. Quickest way to optimize your site is to start with those.

On-page SEO: Get content suggestions

It is completely under your control. Write content people like to read and share. This tool will give you a list of significant phrases appearing in top Google results for your search phrase. We use advanced mathematics to detect these phrases. In layman terms, one might consider them to be phrases with high co-occurrence, as well as significant phrases around those.

See example results for Free Backlink Tools and Truck Accident Lawyer.

By running our tool, you will receive an email with a link to such result related to your topic.

On-page SEO Tips

Google prefers really long articles with lots of images and infographics and content covering the topic in depth and breath where you cite relevant and reputable sources.

Explanation: There may be a number of reasons for this, one being that users spend more time on such articles and are therefore ranked as more useful, other being that these pages get more backlinks, yet another that the technology behind indexing web pages became more focused on indexing and ranking for topics themselves instead of indidual phrases and all their variations, and an article covering lots of info from the topic has more prominent spot in this index. This also reduces the size of the index which is essential in the ever increasing World Wide Web. However, given the storage capacity trends we'll be able to store the whole thing in our pocket some time in future. I personally do not like this trend in Google SERP rankings as it is stimulating creation of very repetitive content around searched keywords in long articles hard to navigate through where each page wants to cover everything there is about something, which reduces a need for cross-linking and referencing relevant information on other sites, which was the initial intention of the World Wide Web with HyperLinks. However, there will always be relevant info which you want to link to, and this is precisely what is considered a good thing in the eyes of Google, linking to other relevant and reputable sources.

So use our phrase suggestions to get ideas for content you want to write and our link suggestions to find good content which you want to reference in your web pages.

Off-page SEO: Get prospect pages within minutes

If you can get a link from one of top results from Google, or from pages they link to, you are off to a good start! Link building depends a lot on people who you want to link to you, and this step can consume huge amount of time and effort without a guarantee of success. It is very important to select the potentially most useful pages for link building and outreach. If you narrow the selection to the best ones, you will spend much less time outreaching to less valuable resources.

Top results often may not be easy to get a link from, but relevant pages they link to may be much easier. The more relevant the better, and links in our results have a very good semantic flow towards them.

8 steps for gathering link building resources, of which our free tool does 7 for you

  1. Install an addon for a browser for plain link extraction, i.e.
    • Open Google Chrome
    • Install LinkKlipper
    • In its options add regex ^((?!(google|doubleclick)).)*$
  2. Search Google for your phrase(s):
    • either main phrase with settings to show 100 results
    • or several related phrases with settings to show 10-20 results
  3. Use LinkKlipper's option extract all links
  4. Remove blogger and youtube homepages from the extracted list
  5. Copy links into examples text field of topical crawl settings
  6. Run the crawl
  7. Download a list of prospect pages from the backlink tools page
    prospect pages
  8. Manually inspect the links to further eliminate non prospect pages (i.e. government site where there is no way you can get a link to your ecommerce site)

What above achieves is the following, for the list of 100 pages which actually rank the best in Google for your query phrase, our machine learning algorithm will learn what defines a topic for those 100 pages, and what other relevant phrases are significant for those pages. Then, using the optimized crawling algorithm, it will retrieve the most relevant on-topic content (which will cover other relevant phrases, not only the one you queried on Google). The prospect pages backlink tool will show you the most popular among these relevant pages which link to at least a few relevant external domains, and are therefore likely link building candidates.

In other words:

  1. Our vector space based algorithm works on high dimensionally defined topic, not unique phrase.
  2. Starting from Google's top selection we position our initial crawl into Google's center for this phrase.
  3. Our optimized algorithm then smartly crawls around the center, while getting the most relevant and popular content.
  4. What this means, we do not get most relevant backlinks to those top 100 pages, but those pages being most relevant we get their outgoing relevant links and other nearby pages in the web graph (and prospect pages on the way).

By running our tool, you will receive an email with a link to results containing a list of prospect pages related to your topic.

One step for gathering link building resources

You can skip to the step 8 above right away, we'll do the remaining 7 steps.

Go to your dashboard.
go to dashboard

Type your topic(s).
type your topic

Get confirmation.
read confirmation

You'll receive an email with a link to results when finished.
see if it is running

See example results for Free Backlink Tools and Truck Accident Lawyer.

Pro accounts can have more localized targeting. All registered users have a free access to quick seo tool, but are placed in a queue according to the subscription priority. Subscribed users can get results for more than one phrase at a time, separated by commas. Make sure those phrases are on the same topic, as machine is learning based on their combined example pages.

  • Maximum number of phrases per submission
  • 0 (unregistered)
  • 1 (registered)
  • 2 (light)
  • 5 (basic)
  • 12 (pro)
  • 12 (custom1417908)
  • 30 (business)

Step 9: Outreaching

This is a very important step. It is worthwhile creating a new page or even a new feature on your website which will make it more relevant to that prospect page, and which will make it more likely to get a link there. I have done similar things numerous times, and it almost always works. Sometimes I spend days in implementing new content or feature, but then successfully get a high quality link because this new content or feature is quite useful and interesting for readers and users.


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We did not discuss here many things, and have not even touched on Technical SEO. It refers to things like how fast your site loads, does it have Schema and other markup, is it mobile friendly, etc. We do not address these problems as there are numerous tools which provide suggestions for these aspects of your site. However, these you should address once you have your on-site SEO fixed as it carries way more weight. Having a super fast mobile friendly site with no content will not help you.

Using SemanticJuice with other SEO tools

In addition to using this tool on its own, you can use our crawler to filter down URL lists you get from numerous other SEO tools. Read more about finding backlink opportunities.

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