Why Semantic Juice Crawler?

Build a custom search engine or analyze a specific niche with our topical crawler.

Create crawl setting in minutes. Upload crawl dump into your SOLR instance. Update data regularly with auto-reload.

Find relevant domains on any topic, discover niche coverage for a domain.


Analysts & Developers.
Delegate crawling to us.

Use capabilities of our web crawler for topical and general web page discovery, open or site specific crawl with powerful domain, URL, and anchor text level rules. Get relevant content from the web, discover new big sites in your niche. Use API for integration with your project. Our crawler is tuned to find topical pages from small set of examples, avoid various spider traps and spam sites, crawl more often more relevant and more topically popular domains, etc.


SEO consultants.
Find relevant backlinks.

Learn how you can find topically relevant backlink opportunities with ease.

backlink tools

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