Semantic Flow measures a transfer of niche relevance along the web graph.

Machine Learning rapidly identifies top domains & prospect pages in your niche.

Topical SEO


Focused Crawling


Quick SEO

Link analysis tools on example niches


Controversial topics

Find issues people debate passionately about.



Top homeopathic resources.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

See and compare top results from small sample.

Latest public niches

Controversial News

A daily crawl trained on controversial topics and with news sources as seeds,...

Language Learning

Learning languages can be hard, but it can also be fun and easy, if only the...


What's the use of a lovely home if it has uninvited tenants. If you were...

Latest niche overviews

These crawls provide an overview only and not detailed SEO queries.

Some provide a glimpse only with results based on few minute crawl.

Crawl & analyze your niche


Submit a few example links to teach our intelligent crawler.


A business plan crawling instance can fetch more than three million pages per day.


Monitor your crawling job and update advanced parameters to meet your needs.


Use our tools to gain valuable insight of the topical graph. Compare yourself with competition.


Interact with data in a way that is suitable for your project.


Store the data locally and scrape the content any way you like.

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