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american academy of pediatrics380.78urls with [american academy of pediatrics] in atext
pediatrics160.33urls with [pediatrics] in atext
pediatrics digest40.26urls with [pediatrics digest] in atext
pediatric psychology40.16urls with [pediatric psychology] in atext
pediatrics perinatology and child health280.13urls with [pediatrics perinatology and child health] in atext
pediatric40.12urls with [pediatric] in atext
the journal of pediatrics20.11urls with [the journal of pediatrics] in atext
informed consent parental permission and assent in pediatric practice20.09urls with [informed consent parental permission and assent in pediatric practice] in atext
department of pediatrics60.08urls with [department of pediatrics] in atext
pediatric blood cancer10.08urls with [pediatric blood cancer] in atext

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